Year 2009

Some people that help me deliver these projects... lef&sydney stockholm thorton lensbury brazil ferrari honk_kong ferrari2 greek greek2

Russia: VP Refresh (FMT)
South Africa, Namibia, Botswana: VP Refresh (New Additive)

Italy: VP (FFS) & VPD Refresh

Poland: VPD Refresh (GTL)

Greece: VPR Refresh (FFS)

Czech Rep: VPD Refresh (GTL)

US & Canada: Maingrade & VP (Nitrogen Enrich, Works in Modern Vehicles)

Argentina: V-Power Diesel (Rebranded from Pura Diesel)

Uganda: VP Launch

Kenya: VP Launch

Norway: VPD Launch

Year 2008

Enzo II & Velocita II/III: +5% LFL vol growth

Rudolf II: +6% LFL in Rudolf markets over full year

Denmark: VP refresh

Canada: VPD launch

Brazil: VP refresh

Chile: VP launch

Premium Fuels Launches & Refreshments (Denmark, Canada, Brazil, Chile)

V-Power Weeks on more than 20 markets (approx. 4.000 retail stations)

Year 2007

V-Power Calendars in all markets

V-Power Week concept development & implementation in more than 20 countries

V-Power intranet site development

Velocita campaign development & global implementation in all markets (20-30% vol increase, 5m USD incremental C3 margin)

V-Power Weeks 2007 held in UK, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, and the Ukraine. Maintained the intranet site for V-Power Weeks.

Underperforming sites review in the UK, Bulgaria.

V-Power penetration recovery tactics for Sweden (Happy days)

Develop & implement a loyalty based incentive scheme (Germany, Greece, Czech Rep., Slovakia & Bulgaria)

Year 2006

UK: VP launch (possible rebranding Optimax)

Norway: VPR launch

Finland: VP launch

Germany: VP refreshment

Italy: VP refresh (plus Velocita promotion support)

Canada: VP refresh

Greece: VP/VPR sustenance campaigns (Introduction of new creatives plus Velocita promotion support)

Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey: VP sustenance campaigns

Hungary, Turkey: VPR sustenance campaign.

Year 2005

Greece: V-Power refresh campaign

Greece & Turkey: Pricing Strategy definition for Italy

Italy, Greece & Turkey: Pricing Statements per retail station

Italy, Greece & Turkey: Fuels Pricing System implementation

Italy: Pricing site review in Italy & pricing visibility improvement

Greece, Italy & Turkey: Global Fuels Pricing Course delivered to Sales Team in the Med

Year 2004

Greece: V-Power Racing refresh campaign

Year 2003

Greece: Shell Diesel 2004 (fuel for the Olympics 2004) launch co-ordination

Year 2002

Greece: V-Power launch co-ordination

Greece: V-Power Racing launch co-ordination

Greece: Shell Diesel Extra launch co-ordination